Counseling In Action Software

Income & Expense Analysis

Examine spending patterns related to fixed, variable, & discretionary expenses.

Exploration of options

Explore options for resolving the client's current financial condition

Developing Viable Action Plan

Develop a plan of action to respond to the current financial situation

Key Functionality of the Tool

  1. Accessible over the Internet from any device
  2. Ability to send a link for clients to complete demographic and income and expense information prior to the session
  3. During the session review and compare with credit report and statements
  4. Allows counselors to take notes and collect additional information to open-ended questions
  5. Integrated calculators for gathering information and making projections
  6. Stored data for easy retrieval and analysis
  7. Integrates with most customer relationship management platforms, including ZOHO CRM, to create a complete business platform

Counseling in Action Software 


Subscription Benefits:

• Create viable action plan for your clients
• Calculate debt to income ratio and net worth
• Evaluate monthly spending plans
• Allows evaluation of monthly spending plans
• Export to a customer relationship management with all the tools to run your business.

Integrate Software with Complete Business Platform

Integrate the Counseling In Action Software with your business platform.

  • Automate between our software and any CRM
  • Provide a basic understanding of the applications you need to run your business
  • Teach you how to customize your CRM for future use

*If you are interested in this service, please call 321-704-7098