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    I am Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. and I help my clients create financial legacies. My diverse background as an attorney, real estate investment strategist, personal and business credit development consultant gives me a unique perspective that helps my clients look beyond their limitations and take the steps necessary to realize their business goals.

    As the CEO of Generational Wealth Zone LLC, I am perfectly positioned to help entrepreneurs realize their dream of building thriving businesses and achieve the level personal, financial, and professional freedom they want through my comprehensive instructional materials, coaching, live events, and personal connections with many of the biggest names in the financial and real estate investing world today.

    I have been featured in Money Magazine; am a contributing author of Six-Figure Magazine; and is a co-author of Amazon’s #1 bestseller “Entrepreneur on Fire – Conversations with Visionary Leaders” with Barbara Corcoran, Billionaire Real Estate Mogul and star of the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

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    William Moore

    Let me introduce myself, I am Coach William Moore! As a Certified Credit Counselor and Business Coach, I help entrepreneurs to help their clients with their credit by helping them create the systems and the strategies to grow profitable credit businesses from nothing.

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    Hi Theresa, as a new business focused on debt and credit counseling, I’d like to build a network of resources for my clients. I am looking at a listing of bankruptcy attorneys/firms in my area. Can you suggest 2-3 questions for these firms that are important as I vet these companies/attorneys? Thanks so much!

    Maxine Gordon-Williams
    Owner, Genwealth Consulting LLC

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    Congratulations on your Debt and Credit Counseling business! There are many questions that you should ask as you vet potential companies, attorneys and individuals.

    For bankruptcy attorneys, you can start with:

    1. How Long Have You Offered Bankruptcy Services?

    2. How much are your fees and how will you be paid? Will there be any additional fees?

    3. How many 707b objections have you handled? What were the circumstances and who prevailed?

    Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

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